Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Update Your Bids from a Google Spreadsheet

Today we have a little script to help adjust bids at a large scale.  This is an example of how you can use the integration with Google Spreadsheets to update some of your bids for keywords.  I have provided a sample spreadsheet which you can make a copy of.

As long as the Adwords Account and the Google Docs account use the same login, it will be able to access any spreadsheet you have.  I suggest opening my sample spreadsheet and then making a copy if it in your account.  You can then replace the URL from the script below with the url of your copy of the spreadsheet.

Link to my sample spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aotb6eheEOpodEhDM2hqQmhfeTdHT3BLMl80aDRxTkE

 * Update Bids Using a Google Spreadsheet
 * Version 1.1
 * Created By: Russ Savage
 * FreeAdWordsScripts.com
function main() {
  var SPREADSHEET_URL = "Insert Url Here";
  var spreadsheet = SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl(SPREADSHEET_URL);
  var sheet = spreadsheet.getSheetByName('KeywordBids');
  var data = sheet.getRange("A:E").getValues();
  var kwBidHash = {};
  for(var i in data) {
    if(i == 0) { continue; }
    if(data[i][0] === '') { break; }
    var kwKey = Utilities.base64Encode([data[i][0],data[i][1],data[i][2]].join('~~!~~'));
    kwBidHash[kwKey] = data[i];
  var kwIter = AdWordsApp.keywords()
    .withCondition("Status = ENABLED")
  while(kwIter.hasNext()) {
    var kw = kwIter.next();
    var campName = kw.getCampaign().getName();
    var kwKey = Utilities.base64Encode([campName,kw.getText(),kw.getMatchType()].join('~~!~~'));
    if(kwBidHash[kwKey]) {
      if(kwBidHash[kwKey][3] === "FIXED") {
        kw.setMaxCpc(kw.getMaxCpc() * (1+kwBidHash[kwKey][4]));


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