Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Figuring Out When Your Ad, AdGroup, Keyword, or Campaign Was Created

Knowing when an Ad (or entity) was created is impossible using scripts. That information is simply not tracked in AdWords. The next best thing is to find out when your Ad first started receiving impressions and assume that is when it was created (If an Ad is created but no one sees it, does it really exist?).

So in order to help me keep track of when my Ads entities were created, I put together the following script to apply labels to my Ads entities with the date of the first impression. That way, I can find out what ads entities I created and make sure I don't take action on anything that is too young. I can also make changes to all the ads entities built on a given day relatively easily in the AdWords UI by just selecting the right label.


* Track Entity Creation Date
* Version 1.4
* Changelog v1.4
*  - Removed apiVersion from reporting call
* Changelog v1.3
*  - Updated script to handle all entities
* Changelog v1.2
*  - Fixed an issue with comparing dates
* ChangeLog v1.1
*  - Updated logic to work with larger accounts
* Created By: Russ Savage
* http://www.FreeAdWordsScripts.com
//All my labels will start with this. For example: Created:2013-05-01
var LABEL_PREFIX = 'Created:';
var DAYS_IN_REPORT = 30;
var ENTITY = 'ad'; //or adgroup or keyword or campaign
function main() {
  //First we get the impression history of our entity
  var ret_map = getImpressionHistory();
  //Then we apply our labels
//Function to apply labels to the ads in an account
function applyLabels(ret_map) {
  var iter;
  if(ENTITY === 'campaign') { iter = AdWordsApp.campaigns().get(); }
  if(ENTITY === 'adgroup') { iter = AdWordsApp.adGroups().get(); }
  if(ENTITY === 'ad') { iter = AdWordsApp.ads().get(); }
  if(ENTITY === 'keyword') { iter = AdWordsApp.keywords().get(); }
  while(iter.hasNext()) {
    var entity = iter.next();
    var id = entity.getId();
    if(ret_map[id]) {
      var label_name = LABEL_PREFIX+Utilities.formatDate(ret_map[id], AdWordsApp.currentAccount().getTimeZone(), "yyyy-MM-dd");
//This is a helper function to create the label if it does not already exist
function createLabelIfNeeded(name) {
  if(!AdWordsApp.labels().withCondition("Name = '"+name+"'").get().hasNext()) {
//A helper function to find the date days ago
function getDateDaysAgo(days) {
  var the_past = new Date();
  the_past.setDate(the_past.getDate() - days);
  return Utilities.formatDate(the_past,AdWordsApp.currentAccount().getTimeZone(),"yyyyMMdd");
//A helper function to compare dates.
//Copied from: http://goo.gl/uW48a
function diffDays(firstDate,secondDate) {
  var oneDay = 24*60*60*1000; // hours*minutes*seconds*milliseconds
  return Math.round(Math.abs((firstDate.getTime() - secondDate.getTime())/(oneDay))); 
function getImpressionHistory() {
  var API_VERSION = { includeZeroImpressions : false };
  var first_date = new Date('10/23/2000');
  var max_days_ago = diffDays(first_date,new Date());
  var cols = ['Date','Id','Impressions'];
  var report = { 
  var ret_map = {};
  var prev_days_ago = 0;
  for(var i = DAYS_IN_REPORT; i < max_days_ago; i+=DAYS_IN_REPORT) {
    var start_date = getDateDaysAgo(i);
    var end_date = getDateDaysAgo(prev_days_ago);
    var date_range = start_date+','+end_date;
    Logger.log('Getting data for ' + date_range);
    var query = ['select',cols.join(','),'from',report,'during',date_range].join(' ');
    var report_iter = AdWordsApp.report(query, API_VERSION).rows();
    if(!report_iter.hasNext()) { Logger.log('No more impressions found. Breaking.'); break; } // no more entries
    while(report_iter.hasNext()) { 
      var row = report_iter.next();
      if(ret_map[row['Id']]) {
        var [year,month,day] = (row['Date']).split('-');
        var from_row = new Date(year, parseFloat(month)-1, day);
        var from_map = ret_map[row['Id']];
        if(from_row < from_map) {
          ret_map[row['Id']] = from_row;
      } else {
        var [year,month,day] = (row['Date']).split('-');
        ret_map[row['Id']] = new Date(year, parseFloat(month)-1, day);
    prev_days_ago = i;
  return ret_map;


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