Thursday, December 7, 2017

Get alerted when keywords or product groups spend too much

Automated Rules in AdWords are great to set up alerts for when things spend too much without converting enough. But unfortunately these Automated Rules can only be run once per day, so they're not very useful if you want to get notified as soon as a keyword or product group exceeds your thresholds.

So here's a simple script that queries for keywords or product groups that have exceeded a specific amount of cost, and have fewer than a specified number of conversions to show for that cost.

It then emails the list of alerts to the user. The email can include deep links to AdWords to make it really easy to go and fix issues. If the instructions for the settings currentSetting.customerId, currentSetting.effectiveUserId, and currentSetting.ocid confuse you, check out an earlier post by Russ that explains deep linking to ad groups in AdWords in more detail.

Fred Vallaeys


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