AdWords Scripts Developer Directory

This is a list of known companies or individuals that you can contact for custom scripts grouped by continent. If you would like to be added to this list, please use this form. If you have any issues with the people on this list, let me know through Twitter (DM) or Google+.

North America
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Optmyzr creates tools to make managing AdWords more efficient. We have both free and paid AdWords Scripts available for download and we can customize them for your needs. We also have hosted tools to help optimize PPC accounts.

Stephen Cozzologno
Location: United States
I work in paid search for Resolution Media. I'm always looking for ways to automate tasks or improve efficiency.


gandke marketing & software gmbh
Location: Moenchengladbach, Germany
Wenn Sie individuelle AdWords-Scripts benötigen und sowohl die Kommunikation der Anforderungen als auch den Support zu den Scripts in deutscher Sprache bevorzugen, sind Sie bei uns richtig. Wir nutzen individuelle AdWords Scripts zur Lösung bestimmter Probleme oder zur Nachbildung fehlender Funktionalität bei mehreren hundert Konten. Vielleicht gibt es ja schon eine Lösung für Ihr Problem? Sprechen Sie uns an.

Hana Kobzová
Location: Czech Republic
My name is Hana Kobzová. I am an online marketer specializing in PPC with experience in managing various types of accounts - from small to very complex ones in various languages targeting various countries (I speak Czech, Spanish and English). I love looking for solutions using Adwords Scripts in order to automate tasks and get them done more efficiently.

Jody Sykes / Targeted Media
Location: Sheffield, Soth Yorkshire
Working as a PPC account manager for an online marketing agency in Sheffield.

Jose Manuel Arce
Location: Santander, Spain
SEO and PPC freelance. Code lover.

Netmarketer, s.r.o.
Location: Slovakia
We are Slovak PPC agency with 8 years experience in managing PPC campaigns. For automation of work with our clients accounts we have developed several adwords scripts as well as solutions based on Google analytics API which are used by us and several 3rd partties. We offer expertise in integrating/modifiing available scripts or developing tailored made solutions in PPC automation.

Search Laboratory
Location: Leeds, UK
Our PPC team use AdWords scripts to automate everything from simple reports and alerts to bid adjustments based on external data. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to use this tool and the API itself. Previous scripts include weather based bidding, updating ads on based on stock levels and prices, updating ads to countdown to the end of a sale and much more. Get in touch if you would like to know how we can make this work for your business.

Sunlab GmbH
Location: Aschaffenburg, Germany
Sunlab offers enterprise SEA Services with custom script development and custom solutions for your paid advertising campaigns. Contact us for more information.

Latin America

Martín Aberastegue
Location: Córdoba, Argentina
PPC Experts in Latam. We use AdWords Scripts to automate everything we can, this way we can focus more on innovation and constantly improving the performance of our client's campaigns.


Anand Kumar Kushwaha
Location: New Delhi, India
My name is Anand Kumar have been actively involved in SEO and Internet marketing since 2005. My knowledge and experience have made me one of the most respected and referenced SEO's in the industry and my passion for innovation and growth has made company I work with leading online marketing firms. I am extremely resourceful and forward-thinking marketing professional with more than 7 years of digital marketing and content management experience backed by a proven track record of sales successes through strategic online marketing campaign development and execution.

I make no claim as to the legitimacy of the individuals or companies on this page. I cannot be held responsible for any issues or damage caused by contacting these individuals/companies.


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