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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Auto Add ValueTrack Params To All Destination URLs

Today we have a script that will help make sure all of your keywords are tagged with the appropriate ValueTrack parameters.  You can use this to ensure that all of your tracking params are added correctly to your urls.

You can add your own query string parameters to the mapping at the top of the script.  For example, if all the keywords in your account need to have the parameter "channel=sem" in their destination url, you could add that to the URL_PARAMS_TO_ADD mapping at the top of the file and it will be added to all your urls.

Also, I updated the script to allow you to add whatever values you want from the account into the url. See the examples for adding Campaign and AdGroup names to the url if you like.


* Auto Add ValueTrack (and other) Params If Not There
* Created By: Russ Savage
* Version 1.1
* ChangeLog v1.1
*  - Added the ability to add function calls into the parameters to add
function main() {
  var URL_PARAMS_TO_ADD = { 
    "kw" : "{keyword}",
    "crid" : "{creative}",
    "mt" : "{matchtype}",
    "ntwk" : "{network}",
    "ap" : "{adposition}",
    "dv" : "{device}",
    "dvm" : "{devicemodel}",
    //"camp" : getCampaignName,  <----- This function is defined below
    //"ag" : getAdGroupName  <----- and so is this one
  var kw_iter = AdWordsApp.keywords()
                  .withCondition("DestinationUrl != ''")
  while(kw_iter.hasNext()) {
    var kw =;
    var destUrl = kw.getDestinationUrl();
    if(!destUrl || destUrl === '') { continue; }
    var toAppend = [];
    for(var key in URL_PARAMS_TO_ADD) {
      if(destUrl.indexOf(key) >= 0) { continue; }
      var value = URL_PARAMS_TO_ADD[key];
      //check to see if we should call a function
      if(typeof(value) === 'function') {
        value = encodeURI(value(kw));
    if(destUrl.indexOf('?') >= 0) {
      kw.setDestinationUrl(destUrl + "&"+toAppend.join('&'));
    } else {
      kw.setDestinationUrl(destUrl + "?"+toAppend.join('&'));

// As long as the function call is passed a kw object, you can insert
// whatever value you want into the url
function getCampaignName(kw) {
  return kw.getCampaign().getName();

function getAdGroupName(kw) {
  return kw.getAdGroup().getName();