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Monday, October 21, 2013

Use AdWords Scripts To Automate Black Friday

Black Friday is quickly approaching for retailers in the United States. I have some ideas for ways that you can automate your campaigns using AdWords Scripts, but I'd love to get your thoughts on some of them.  Here's what I can think of.  Please comment with the ones that you'd like to see most.

  • Countdown Script - Similar to this script from Google but read the information from a Google doc and add support for timezones.
  • Add Pricing, Inventory, and percent discount to Creatives - Use a Google Spreadsheet to update prices and inventory for your items. That info will be read by the script get updated in the Ads hourly.
  • Automatically Pause Ads as Items Go Out of Stock - This script will monitor your landing pages and pause the ads once it sees that the item is no longer in stock.
  • Update Mobile Modifiers and Location Modifiers for Retail Locations Throughout the Day - This script would start with a boost to specific location and mobile modifiers for your campaigns and then slowly ramp them back down throughout the day. Set the end time and it will automatically calculate the ramp down.
Those are just a few ideas I had.  Do you have a better idea? Would you like to see one of the scripts above?  Let me know by leaving a comment.  I'll implement the winner by the end of October.