Friday, May 3, 2013

Put AdWords Data to Amazon S3 Using Scripts

I'm not sure about you, but writing all these scripts is putting me on Google Spreadsheet overload. With the release of the ability to access any of the AdWords reports, the data quickly starts to get unwieldy. Once things get over a few thousand rows, I much prefer to use Excel or store and manipulate data in a database.

So I was looking for other ways to get data from an AdWords report out of the scripts world and I thought of Amazon S3. Amazon offers a RESTful API through their Amazon Web Services that allows you to store and retrieve large amounts of data from the cloud. I figured I could use them to store some CSV files of account/campaign/keyword performance for downloading or processing later, maybe by another script or software.

The script below tries to encapsulate all the logic required to build and authorize a proper S3 put request. I followed the documentation found here.

To get started for free, sign up for Amazon S3 here and find your access and secret keys here:

Next, create a new S3 bucket to hold all your data through the AWS console. Fill in the details below and try a test file. Ideally, you would combine this with one of the other AdWords reporting scripts found here to start storing your data in the cloud.

NOTE: This is a very specific set of functions which represent the bare minimum required information to PUT a file to Amazon S3. For more information, please check out the full Amazon S3 Docs.


// Put Data To Amazon S3
// Created By: Russ Savage

function main() {
  var date_str = Utilities.formatDate(new Date(),AdWordsApp.currentAccount().getTimeZone(),'yyyy-MM-dd');
  var file_name = 'adwords_keyword_perf_'+date_str+'.csv';
  putDataToBucket(S3_BUCKET,'/'+file_name,'this is where the data from an AdWords report would go.');

function putDataToBucket(bucket,file_path,data) {
  var auth_options = {  
    method : 'PUT',
    base_url : "http://" + bucket + "",
    s3_bucket : bucket,
    path : file_path,
    headers : { 
       "Date" : getDate(),
       "Content-Type" : "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"
  var auth_string = generateAuthString(auth_options);
  auth_options.headers["Authorization"] = auth_string;
  var options = {
    method : auth_options.method,
    headers : auth_options.headers,
    payload : data
  return (UrlFetchApp.fetch(auth_options.base_url+auth_options.path, options).getResponseCode() == 200);

//Generates an AWS Auth String
//For more info, see the AWS docs -
function generateAuthString(url) {
  var string_to_sign =  getStringToSign(url);
  var signature = getSignature(SECRET_KEY,string_to_sign);
  return "AWS" + " " + ACCESS_KEY + ":" + signature;

//Generates an AWS Signature
//For more info, see the AWS docs -
function getSignature(SECRET_KEY,string_to_sign) {
  return  Utilities.base64Encode(

//Generates an AWS string to sign
//For more info, see the AWS docs -
function getStringToSign(url,params) {
  var method = url.method;
  var date = url.headers.Date;
  return method + "\n" + "\n" + 
    url.headers['Content-Type'] + "\n" +
    date + "\n" + 

//Generates the Canonicalized Amazon Headers (not really)
//For more info, see the AWS docs -
function getCanonicalizedAmzHeaders(url) {
  var ret_val = "/" + url.s3_bucket;
  ret_val += url.path;
  return ret_val;

function getDate() {
  return Utilities.formatDate(new Date(),"GMT", "EEE, dd MMM yyyy HH:mm:ss +0000");


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